Work, work, work…

Workaholic is a word I am often called. While it’s better than alcoholic, it still has a negative connotation, but to some extent, it’s quite true. Many times, I have blown off friends, hobbies, and sometimes eating for the sake of work. However, once I tell people what it is that I do, many of them seem to understand.

The American football community in Israel is quite large, but not nearly as large as soccer, and consists of many, as suspected, Americans. Being a part of that community is like adding another social circle to your plate. Sometimes I can be talking to a few friends on the field, and I just remember to myself: “I am getting paid to be here”. I get paid to watch my friends play football, it’s not a bad gig.

In 2016 I got my first job as a waitress, and suffered through a few more waitressing and tutoring jobs before finding AFI. Yes, football can be stressful sometimes when logistics don’t work out, but it beats crying in the freezer in the kitchen of a food shop. Before starting to work in football, I probably only picked one up twice. Now, I love watching the sport and maybe one day I’ll even play it.



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Devo Klein

“You can drive all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain…” (Cage the Elephant)