“Can We Talk About The Political And Economic State Of The World Right Now?”

But seriously, what on earth is going on right now? There’s a raging war in Ukraine, the stock market is at an all-time low with shares currently on the ground, the American dollar is now worth 3.2 ILS, global warming is killing us all, and I’m sitting at home trying to finish today’s Wordle. Spoilers, it was Money.

If the economical and political state of the world were a song, it would be “How To Disappear Completely” by Radiohead- it’s a mess and everything is falling apart, but somehow we're still here. Go give it a listen while you’re at it. The fact that all these things are happening, all at once, could drive someone to the cuckoo’s nest. What relevance do events occurring on the other side of the globe have to do with someone’s personal life?

One time I got really high and was looking at the moon. For some reason, I couldn’t comprehend the fact that the moon was shared by pretty much everyone in the European, African, and Middle Eastern regions, which are not regions, but all could be experiencing the same moon, at the same time. In that same way, social media has allowed us to experience things globally, we are all on social media and it affects all of us. Ignorance on social media is a dangerous game, but ignorance in real life is a lot more natural when global occurrences are not growing in your backyard. The contrast between needing to be socially woke on the “political and economic state of the world” and physically living through it, makes us all, in a sense, irrelevant.

If you can scroll through Tik Tok and see literal soldiers documenting the war in Ukraine and then scroll to see an influencer dancing in a bikini by her pool in the Hollywood Hills, that means that you are not part of the story. However, have no fear. The so-called “insignificance” of a person’s personal mundane experience is a huge portion of the role that we play in society. There needs to be mundane, unaffected, unbothered life in the parts of the world that are not currently crumpling. From afar- we support, we celebrate and we mourn, but we continue living because we owe it to the world.

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Devo Klein

“You can drive all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain…” (Cage the Elephant)